Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

LOTTERIES                                 Gord Watt

Chase the Queen!! For Tues.May 22,2018  at 6pm  Jackpot is $3,070.00with 28 cards; The payout is 100% of pot  plus 50% of the tickets sales for the nites draw.

LOTTERY REPORT                Gord Watt

 I’m just learning to do this job.

Bingo is still chugging along. I think it is a good community function.
The Nevada tickets seem to be doing fairly well.

50/50’s are holding their own. $40.00 to $60.00 on Tues night to over $100.00 on Fri and Sat.

Chase the Queen did less than $80.00 last Tues.

I will give more in depth report next month.



            LGA 784-RF

Series 1   Winner  Reverse
1st Qtr   Kathy Jenion    Barb Higham

2nd Qtr   Jeff Chartrand    Linda Johnston

3rd Qtr  Brenda Talmage   Mike

Final      Eunice Apps   Marg Birkett

Series 2     Winner    Reverse
1st Qtr   Kristine Easton   Diane Lenchuk

2nd Qtr   Morley Jensen   Suzanne Lira

3rd Qtr   NOT SOLD   Kristine Easton

Final   NOT SOLD    Karl Smith

Series 3    Winner    Reverse
1st Qtr   Beryl Torgasows   David Walker

2nd Qtr   Barbara Larkin   Lynda Ann Smith

3rd Qtr   Desi Boushie   David Walker

Final   J. Dudgeon   Roberta Talmage

Series 4    Winner     Reverse
1st Qtr    Aaron Lyon     NOT SOLD

2nd Qtr     NOT SOLD       T Paggett

3rd Qtr      NOT SOLD      NOT SOLD

Final      NOT SOLD    Mary Pryma




Bingo runs
Monday / Wednesdays & Fridays @ 7:00 PM

Doors open @ 4:45 PM / Thursday at 1:15pm



Prize Pot for the week of Sun.May 20, 2018
Bingo Jackpots for Fri. May. 25, 2018

 Loonie Pot  $ 307.00

Lucky Star  $897.00

Lucky 7 $800.00 in 32 numbers


Bonanza $3,400.00 in 53 numbers

Mini Loonie  $1,684.00

Jackpot $1,900.00 in 52 numbers




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