Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

 ENTERTAINMENT                                                                   Bernice Kwasnicki

I hope you are all keeping busy and warm. The snow will be gone soon and flowers will be blooming… just two more short months! Patience… lots of patience…

Some old but necessary reporting from me is that I want to apologize for errors I had made in our last newsletter. It should have read: During the Children’s Christmas Party, Judy Newstrom helped prepare food along with others from the 55+ club and Jan Stamper had the children singing carols (Karaoke Style)… Sorry ladies…

I am happy to finally be able to give you my report on the New Year’s Eve Dance! As mentioned previ-ously, we had a sold out crowd and I believe we all went home happy. Ticket Sales were $8,855.00. After expenses which included the costs of the Band and Bar Staff wages, our total profit was $3,674.71. Thanks to our hard working Entertainment Committee and attendees!! !

The Friday night entry fees of $5.00 for non-members for the last 3 months of 2019 brought in $1630.00, an average of $407.50 per month, or $136.00 for each of the 12 nights. After Band costs, we average $1,413.32 in Bar Sales each Friday Night. It’s nice to see more members staying longer on these nights.

February 14th Valentine’s Dance was well attended and a lot of good feedback from our customers. Having the right band is important for certain events. The Destiny band played a good variety of dance music and people stayed longer. We gave out small spot dance prizes to as many as we could. A little bit of extra goes a long way is my personal belief and that evening… 283 came through very well with minimal cost.

I want to thank Crystal and her staff for their hard work on a daily basis, and especially when we have the Occasional Friday Night Special Dance. We don’t thank our staff enough.

I believe there was mention of having GREEN BEER at our next event coming up in March. Speaking of that, our St. Patrick’s Party will be on the Friday, March 13th. The McGive r Band will be playing for us, so dig out your green hats and plan to come and have some fun after the meat draw that night.

April is Easter month and as always, the ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE will brighten up the areas with all sorts of Spring Colour. A spring Dance on Friday, April 17th is in the early planning stages so keep watching for new info.

On a personal note from me to you all;

I have to be away for some time… not certain for how long. It’s medical and keeping me homebound. Not life-threatening nor is it contagious. I’ll be around to keep bugging you all for some time yet. I am in contact with people at the club almost every other day for one reason or another. I am only a phone call away. Hope to see you all sooner rather than later…










         BANDS FRIDAY NITE 8pm to MIDNITE                                   

 March  2020
              6                    Dynamics

            13                    McGiver

            20                    Urgez

            27                    Still Friends 
    April 2020

               Bands are cancelled till after Easter Weekend. Possibly longer                   
             24                     Rockets