Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                           Donna Hartie

A jukebox is now installed and sounds great. Some songs are one credit, some two credits. It costs a dollar for two credits. Have some fun and enjoy music on a Saturday evening. While Bands are playing or when the meat draws or other Special events are happening, the Jukebox will not be in use.

Bernice Kwasnicki will be managing the Friday Night Bands. If you have a problem with a band, please see Bernice and she will handle it. She will also write reports and keep readers up to date with changes. I will monitor and report back to executive. I am still the Entertainment Officer, however, I am always available if need be.

July 13 is our Unit Anniversary/ Awards Night and an opportunity to meet our new members/comrades. There will be cake and ice cream and Social Food for your enjoyment. It is a GREAT time to Socialize.

On Canada Day we will be open 12-6 pm. so come out and enjoy a BBQ, with salad, cooked by the Executive and of course cake and ice cream. For Entertainment we will be having Karaoke by one of our own members Germaine Kruse and a short video of ACROSS CANADA with music from each province by Rae Roberts. Come out and wish/sing Canada a HAPPY BIRTHDAY with your fellow comrades at the FRIENDLY CLUB, ANAVETS Unit 283.

The last Summer B.B.Q will held Friday August 30th by your Executive. There could be more weather permit-ting. So, if you are tired of cutting the grass or watching T.V, come on out to enjoy a Friday Evening with fellow Comrades who may have be vacationing, we are open Saturday as per usual. Don’t forget we now have a Jukebox so you are able to listen, sing-along or dance.

A Grey Cup Party is planed for October 27, time TBA. Chili will be the meal at a cost $15.00 per person. Ad-vertising will be done when Grey Cup tickets are advertised and on sale.

I will be away from July 14 – 24 and back in club on 25 of July. Rae can be contacted for Services. Entertain-ment will be Bernice. If all else fails, talk to our President.

Have a wonderful summer and remember all the NEW activities beginning in the Fall. I look forward to meet-ing new family members out for the NEW Youth Sports League. Also our fellow comrades at the Pool or The Grey Cup Party or at the City pool for swimming. How about some Dancing on Friday with a live band and/or Saturday evenings with the Jukebox. There is something FUN always happening at Unit 283.

Bernice Kwasnicki here; I would like to thank Shirley for her help and Donna for needing help while I just happened to be hanging around. I’d like you to know that I go to other venues to actually listen to and check out bands. I love music, dancing and I have a musical background. Add this to the support from members like yourself and advertising that is kept current and interesting then we will have a successful outcome. To this end, I began to introduce myself to the contact person of each band via phone and verified all scheduled dates, then made necessary changes - up to and including Levee 2020. There are many things to do yet behind-the-scene. I am on hand each Friday night to welcome bands and I am usually at the Unit until closing time. Come for a dance or two, listen to the music - have fun!








         BANDS FRIDAY NITE 8pm to MIDNITE                                   

   July 2019

          5                           Almost Angels

          12                         Destiny

           19                         Flashbacks

           26                          McGiver

    August 2019

              2                         Rockets
              9                         Holly Davidson Band
             16                        Dynamics
             23                        Destiny         
             30                        Flashbacks