Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

 ENTERTAINMENT                                                                   Bernice Kwasnicki

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope you all enjoyed the past few weeks or days with family and friends. I also hope that you had a chance to have a few moments to yourself as well. We all need some down time after a hectic December. My favorite way is painting or reading a good book. But at this time of year, my most favorite thing to do is finishing up a puzzle that my family and I have started on Christmas Day. This family tradition began many years ago when my children were young and then so too, our grandchildren. I look forward to the laughter and banter that goes on while we enjoy this precious time together before heading back to our respective homes and jobs. Very heart-warming; feels great and I count myself lucky in so many ways. One of the ways is for the friendships I have made at Unit 283.

The New Year’s Party and Levee will have taken place by the time you read this newsletter. I trust all will have had a good time at both events. I would like to thank everyone who made time in their busy schedules to help out. We could not get things done without you. There are so many of you that are deserving of more than just a thank you. Please know how much I appreciate your camaraderie and ideas.

The Friday night dancing will continue as usual. A few bands will be new to 283 this year. Even if you don’t like to dance, the bands are worth listening to.

A Saturday Night KARAOKE Event on January 18th. is planned for your entertainment, followed

by The Robbie Burns Day Celebrations taking place on Friday, January 24th. As always this will be

a very interesting event. Arrive early to get a seat!

On February 14th we are planning a fun dancing night for those who like to celebrate

This month is the Elections of Executives so do try to attend.

Keep warm. We only have three more months of winter weather…









         BANDS FRIDAY NITE 8pm to MIDNITE                                   

 Jan  2020

            10                     Holly Davidson Band

            17                      McGiver

            18                      Saturday Night Karaoke

            24                      The Other Side
            31                       DMG Band
    Feb 2020

              7                      The Blackwater Band   
             14                     Destiny  Valentines dance
             21                     Flashbacks
             28                     Marvells