Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

ENTERTAINMENT                                                                   Bernice Kwasnicki

Once again, we have lived through yet another change in our world as we know it. The only Queen that most of us have known has died. It will take us time to get accustomed to this change, but we will… Long live King Charles lll…
Our Corn Roast Fundraiser turned out well. Past president Len Cook has sent out Thank You letters to companies that helped us with their very generous donations. Thank you all!
Speaking of Thank You notices, Elly St. Pierre sends her Thanks for the Gift from our members. She is still settling in at her new home and is “doing ok” she tells me.
The Decorating Committee will be adding bright colours soon. Speaking of colours, don’t miss out; see Barb’s Thanksgiving Baskets & buy some tickets - Tuesday nights CVMS Meat Draws are back as is Chase the Queen. The next ticketed event will be the Grey Cup. Sports have begun. A Halloween Costume Dance is being planned for Friday, Oct. 28th , with the Destiny Band. OCTOBER Bands: 7 th Rockets – 14th - Marvells - 21st - Still Friends - 28th Destiny NOVEMBER Bands: 4 th Dynamics - 10th NO BAND - 18th - Destiny - 25th Marvells
Since people are already asking about New Year’s Eve tickets, I want you to know that I’ve already started planning for that event, with after Remembrance Day as my goal for ticket sales. Marvells is our Band for that night. As for the Sisters of the Rock – I have not been given a date yet. There is a good possibility it will happen in the New Year.
 Shirts - more members have been asking about acquiring our red unit club Shirts & sports purple polo type shirts. Rick Jones and I will be navigating the info lines - and let you know. If you are interested, see either of us. It would help us with the sizes needed before orders are made.
Anavets T-shirts and Hoodies: If you want to make purchases of these, you can contact Linda O’Brien at 204.896 9897 – hours: Mon. - Wed. & Fri. from 1-5 PM. Messages will be returned.
 Free Advertising – I managed to place in Seniors Scope mentioning space rentals as well our usual events. Members, consider renting space with us. Good rates with no mess to wake up to. Convention - For all their hard work, a special thank you to the 55th Biennial Convention Host Committee. (Syd Stamper, Sheldon Clupp, Linda O’Brien, Debbie Hemlow, Duncan Anderson, Liz Wallace, Alan Wallace, R.G. Hemlow, Rosie Towers, Joanne Clupp and Angie Hourie). And to Liz Wallace, Hayden Kent and Supremex for supplies, printing and brochures.
Once again, I wish to thank the membership for the opportunity to attend my first Anavets Convention. I found it very informative and it definitely gave me a sense of duty when attending special meetings in full dress uniform. Most daily work meetings began promptly at 8:00 am, so we wasted no time with long breakfasts. We met new comrades and shared quality fun-filled times - after fulfilling our daily meeting duties. We got the job done… I believe our 55th Biennial Convention was a success on all fronts. Our Anavets are all in good hands.
Bernice Kwasnicki- 1 st Vice-Entertainment/Special Events Chair –Thank you all once again.

               EVERYONE TO HAVE ONLY

                JULY BANDS 2022
         Friday- July 8- Still Friends
         Friday- July- 15- Derailed
         Friday- 22- Marvells
         Friday- 29- Vintage Groove

                   OCTOBER 2022

        Friday- Oct. 7th- Rockets
        Friday- Oct 14th- Marvells|
        Friday- Oct 21st- Still Friends
        Friday- Oct 28th- Destiny ( Halloween Dance)

                  November 2022

       Friday- Nov 4th- Dynamics
       Friday- Nov 11th- NO Band Remembrance Day
       Friday- Nov 18th- Destiny (Sadie Hawkins)
       Friday- Nov 25th- Marvells

               December 2022

      Friday- Dec 2nd- Still Friends
      Friday- Dec 9th- Destiny
      Friday- Dec 16th- Rockets
      Friday-Dec 23rd ?? Dynamics
      Friday- Dec 31st- Marvells New Year's Dance