Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                           Donna Hartie

Old news, I know, but, WOW! Canada Day! What a whorl wind. A real learning curve – with the last minute decision to add 2 mini meat draws into the mix! I am so happy to report that everyone had a good time. To all of the helpers that just pitched in and got it done, no questions asked, A HUGE SHOUT OUT THANK YOU!

Thank You going out to Rae for his endless help and his hours spent creating the wonderful Canadian Video just for the event, and on very short notice. The most memorable moment was when the words to Canada’s Song rolled across that big screen, and everyone stood up and sang (as one) of being a Proud Canadian! I still get the “Proud to be Canadian” shivers feeling when I recall that moment. What a Day!! Thank you to all who attended. Come back next year and bring your friends. It’s going to be Bigger & Better. Yes, we have reason to be proud and we can Thank Our Veterans for that too.

A special thanks to Donna, who was so tired by the end of Canada Day, she was sitting on the floor, while helping me hand out prizes. Most of us have no idea how hard Donna works as Service Officer and Chair of Entertainment /Special Events. I really do so now. And because it’s not said often enough: Thank You Donna from all of us!

We have a very busy schedule lined up for the coming season as most of our other fellow unit committees do. There are BBQ’s while the weather holds out, Thanksgiving festivities and a Halloween Costume Party before the Unit Remembrance Day Celebrations take place. We have Christmas crafting. Grey Cup Day plans in the working stages as well. (Tickets $15.00). Everything is moving towards fun events for all interested parties.

With Christmas decorating and intentions of having A CHRISTMAS with ELVIS SHOW - November 30th on our minds, we are slipping into the Fall without notice. Time really does fly when kept so busy. The New Year has all types of ideas coming our way and hopefully, you and your friends will take part in some or all of them. Such as; A Winter Beach Party or A Mini Voyageur Day. A Valentine’s Dance Party, Comedy Nights or Karaoke nights. Tea parties and Pancake Breakfasts are just some of the ideas we are presently working on for your enjoyment throughout the long winter months ahead. We won’t have time to be cold over here at 283!

Thank you again to all of our volunteers and I leave you with this thought. Our New Year’s Eve Dance tickets will be out mid-November with the featured band being McGiver! To entertain you is our goal, but you must attend for that to happen. We will get more information for each event out to you as soon as possible.

THE BANDS - are still keeping our Friday Night dancers movin” and grovin”. The reviewing and booking of bands for the next year is well under way, and I plan to bring in a few more new bands. We have the best dance floor of all ANAVETS so come out and join us! An Old Time Waltz; some song that reminds us of our youth or just and evening out with friends; whatever you need, we have something for everyone at Unit 283!

There had been somewhat of an issue with volume. I believe it’s getting to the point now, that we won’t need to remove our hearing aids. I will continue to monitor it and endeavor to keep as many people happy as possible.

A larger format TAKE HOME list of the UPCOMING BANDS & Special Events is now at the bar, next to the wallet size, nearer the entrance. Both are working and filling a need. (Replenished often) This will add to the information that one can read on the table toppers and in our Newsletters. All are for our convenience, but I can’t take the table topper home with me, nor can my handbag fit the newsletter… My memory and my eye-sight are not what they used to be … so I need this half sheet type of reminders with me. I’m not implying that you do, but…








         BANDS FRIDAY NITE 8pm to MIDNITE                                   

   Sept 2019

           6                          McGiver

           13                        Rockets

           20                        DMG band

           27                        Destiny

    Oct 2019

              4                         Marvells
              8                         Destiny
             15                        McGiver
             22                        The Urgez        
             29                         Rockets