Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

 ENTERTAINMENT                                                                   Bernice Kwasnicki
When I became involved in the Entertainment and other committees, my duties involved the following:

A. As a committee member for Social Services, I prepared Get well, Thinking of you & Sympathy cards for mailing out; prepared and updated the names & addresses of all recipients.
Since I did not feel qualified to help teach sports for the Youth Program my only contribution was the Poster and the regular collecting of donations. My help in Social Services and the Youth Program ceased when I became Entertainment Chair in November.

B. As a member of the Entertainment Committee I helped with all matters as needed; drafted and prepared letters of requests for donations and follow-up Thank You letters. Organized committee member meet-ings. When I became Co-Chair, I helped with the planning of Lobster Fest in May, then Canada Day in July.

C. I had taken on the responsibilities pertaining to the Bands, went to venues where they were at, listened to them before inviting them to a Band Meeting in September. I proceeded to create the Band Listings for 2020 and verified all dates with each band.

D. Arranged for some free advertising for non-profits in the Senior Scope and Coffee News. Implemented a Take Home information sheet listing upcoming bands and informing guests of things happening around the club. These sheets were set out on the bar and handed out to patrons on Friday Nights. The response from these projects continues to be very good, so I update the information regularly.

E. Christmas decorations and trees, with much planning in short notice and following through became nec-essary. This I could not have carried out as the Chair, without the help of a very devoted Entertain-ment committee. Next the Children’s Christmas Party. At this time we gladly accepted the help from the 55+ club members (Donna Ayotte, Mary Lou Talmage) who so patiently taught us the necessary steps to get things done on time. (Judy Newstrom for keeping everyone singing karaoke Christmas songs.) To Santa & Mrs. Clause, aka, Doug Deline & Emily Williamson.

F. Next followed the Caroling at Deer Lodge making us even busier. Thank you to Diane Trenholm for playing the piano for us this year and donating the song books which she re-organized and printed up then donated to our club.

G. The Grand Finale was New Year’s Eve Party. This event demanded much time and the entertainment committee came through as per usual. Thanks to each one who helped make it the success it was! We brought in the New Year to a sold out crowd! The Levee followed and was well attended.

I am a member of: the Friday Morning Bowling - the Ladies Snooker, the Shuffleboard Leagues as well as one other bowling league. I volunteer regularly for each league at the Meat Draws and for the Ladies Aux. and 55+.

I enjoyed the club in 2015, and became a member in 2016. I have been a member of 55+ since then and was their secretary for a short period of time. I tried my hand at volunteering for Bingo back then, and I must con-fess, I was not good at that job, but I did help with the Deer Lodge Bingo a couple of times.

I became an associate of the main unit in 2017 and then an Affiliate of the club in 2019. I believe that I am a member in good standing. I attended all meetings unless I was ill or away on a short break. I am grateful for the new friends that I have made at this club. They helped me through the transition of being a widow after 53 years of marriage. I know I have made mistakes and not doubt will make more, but I give you my word, I am honest, trustworthy and will always do what is best for the club. Thank you.

NOTE: I hope to see you at our Valentine’s Dance on Friday, February 14th. Destiny is the band.









         BANDS FRIDAY NITE 8pm to MIDNITE                                   

 Feb  2020

              7                     The Blackwater Band

            14                      Destiny  Valentines dance

            21                       Flashbacks

            28                       Marvells  
    March 2020

               6                     Dynamics  
             13                     McGiver
             20                     Urgez
             27                     Still Friends