Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                           Donna Hartie

Spring has sprung and Entertainment is off and running. My Entertainment committee is as follows: myself as Chair, Bernice Kwasnicki, Diane Lenchuk, Kandia Sarides, Dave Barham, Claudette and Mike Ottenbreit, Linda O’Brien, Linda Messervey, Sandra Seals, Brenda Walls and anyone else who would like to join us. If you have some decorating ideas you’d like to see used in the club and/or you’d like to participate, please let one of us know, we welcome all the help we can get. Our first decorating event was Valentine’s Day; we had a lot of fun getting to know each other’s talents. We’ve had our first meeting to review the work for the coming year. The list is long but we’re up for the challenge. It seems far away but New Year’s will be upon us before we know it, we are currently looking for New Year’s Eve Party decorating ideas.

 The fund raiser of the year will be a LOBSTER FEST Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction on May 18, 2019. Tickets go sale on March 25, $50.00 for the Dinner and Dance, $10.00 for the Dance only. Ticket sales for the Dinner will end at closing time May 09, NO EXCEPTIONS. Only 60 tickets available for the Dinner, get yours before they are all gone. Dance tickets can be bought in advance or at the door. Entertainment is by Rick and Trish of CJNU Radio. CJNU Radio will provide free advertising. To make this event a success we are asking for help from the membership. We need donations of gift baskets in the value of $20.00 or cash donations for the Silent Auction table.

 Any cash collected will be used to purchase items to make up gift bas-kets for the auction table. I plan on keeping track of the hours for volunteers that are working for me. At the end of the year I will sub-mit the total Entertainment volunteer hours to Volunteers of Manitoba so we can be officially recognized as one of the Volunteer Organizations of Manitoba. Everything you see or hear of being done in the Unit, is done by volunteers, from the President on down, who selflessly give their time and expertise to ensure our club is run smoothly.

                                                   TO OUR VOLUNTEERS
                                             THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!








         BANDS FRIDAY NITE 8pm to MIDNITE                                   

   Feb. 2019

          1                            Rockets

          8                            McGiver

          15                          Marvells

           22                         Almost Angels

    March. 2019

             1                          Destiny

             8                          DMG Band
            15&16                 McGiver Sat. McGiver St.Patricks Dance
             22                        Flashbacks 
             29                        Midlife Krysis