Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

Friday Night Sports Meat Draw          Starts at 6:30pm 

O'55 & Retired March 4 May 6      
Darts March 11 May 13      
Shuffleboard March 18 May 20      
Ladies Snooker March 24 May 27      
Senior Snooker April 1 June 3      
Men's Snooker April 8 June 10      
Ladies Snooker April 15 June 17      
Curling April 22 June 24      
Masters April 29 June 30      

         You are allowed a maximum of 7 workers for the draw. Manpower needed: Emcee / Drum / Cash / Ticket Seller at Table / Runner (s) and Bagger 


Saturday Meat Draw
Starts at 3:00pm

Feb-06 Feb-13 Date Feb-20 Feb-27
Beryl Torgasows Bill Sadler M/C Susan Paggett Rae Roberts
Elvia Furutani &
Linda O'Brien
Barb Sadler &
Maxine Beatty
Main Lounge
Len Cook &
Judy Reed
Deb Dodd-Hemlow &
Gord Watt
Adele Betts Ann Korniat  Runner Chuck Black Linda Alberts 
Marg Pokornik &
Steini Johasson
Stella Pederson &
Wilmer Antonio
Games Room
Donna Megarry &
Gale McDonald
Claudette Ottenbreit &
Mike Ottenbreit
Elly St. Pierre Elly St. Pierre 50/50 Sales Elly St. Pierre Elly St. Pierre
Diane Lemchuk &
Larry Lemchuk
Marilyn Brown &
Terry Paggett
Cake Table Steve Faccon &
Sandra Seal
Ladies Auxiliary
Jack Belair &
Dave Walker
Rodney Blue &
Steve Korniat
Drum Wilf Betts &
George Bonnefoy
Jack Callum &
Les Boyce