Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

OVER 55 & RETIRED                Bernice Kwnsnicki              

As the winds pick up and Fall-coloured leaves make their way to the ground, I am reminded of seasons past when my children played in them, then selected some to press between sheets of waxed paper. I really like that scrunching sound as I walk on them. Seeing their beautiful colours makes me want to paint. I hope the season brings you happy memories, too. Crisp apple and luscious pumpkin pies are on my mind. We will tend to eat far to much at Fall Suppers, especially if plump buttered, perogies are served. And that my friends, leads us right into next part of my November Newsletter report.

 Our Over 55 group of potato peelers, boilers, mashers, mixers, rollers and pinchers will have donned their cute little hairnets and produced 250 dozen perogies to sell on Oct. 30th. A Bake Sale was to be held at the same time. And since the pre-orders were moving quickly, I put my order in right off the bat! I hope you did, too.

 The summer BBQ’s, Meat Draws, and Bus Tours were well attended, thanks to Mary Lou Talmage, Roger Briand and their helpers– and to Les Wahl. The golf season ended and bowling is now in full striking order.

 A Thank You to Sharon Bugden, membership chairperson for the great job she is doing, keeping our member-ship lists in order. With Membership Card Renewal fast approaching, please pass any address or phone number changes onto Sharon ASAP. If need be, you can leave your messages addresses to Sharon, at the bar.

 I would like to Thank Joan Glover and her telephone volunteers for seeing that our many messages are out to members in a timely manner. Without their time spent keeping us up to date, I fear, we’d be in a mess. Thanks to each of you for a job well done, although, not mentioned often enough, all very much appreciated.

 We are pleased to welcome back, Doug Lloyd and his wife Betty. We hope they can relax a little better now.

 Our last General Meeting was very interesting, thanks to Dave Barham, Mike Huen of Mike’s General Store, Antiques and Appraisals, shared his expertise on buying and selling. Twelve of our members had their items discussed and appraised. A WW1 Ceremonial Sword with family Military Photo, phonograph cylinders, gilded and ceramic ornaments, baseball memorabilia, a commemorative shield from a US ship, plates, tea pots, sets of cups and saucers, an interesting 1899 bicycle gas lamp, several performer signed Old Winnipeg Night Club Menus, Barbie Dolls & Clothes, animal ornaments, jewelry and vases: to name a few. We soon realized that our hoarded dust collectors were not going to finance an extended cruise to some hot location after all. Any questions about Mike’s? Just aske Dave. He may event tell you about his pet amphibian, again…



Nov. 6 Next Executive Meeting 1:00pm Board Room

 Nov. 11  Remembrance Day Doors Open Stillwell Hall Open 10:30am

 Nov. 13   General Meeting 1:30pm

Nov. 15  Unit General Meeting  7:00PM

Nov. 21-22 south Beach Casino overnight date, cost is, $55.00 for double occupancy or $79.00 for single

 Nov. 22 Lizzette needs volunteers at the deer Lodge Bingo, sign-up sheet is on bulletin board

 Nov.25 Grey Cup Party doors open at 3:30pm

 Dec.2 Children’s Christmas Party

 Dec. 8 or 15th Deer Lodge Caroling


 President Doug Lloyd (204) 831-7176

Please contact Doug Lloyd, if you know anyone on the sick list. 204-688-2677