Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

OVER 55 & RETIRED                                            Marg Rixen              

Happy Canada Day! Summer is here and we are off until September! First we would like to thank Lutz Ehren-traut for getting the flower beds ready for Donna Ayotte and Christel Ehrentraut, who did the planting and are maintaining them. The two gardens look beautiful, girls!

Coming up is our Annual Unit 283 versus Over 55, Golf Tournament, which will take place on 22-July at the Military Base Golf Course. Cost is: $40.00pp – incl. Golf, Cart and BBQ- $30.00, incl. Golf and BBQ- $15.00- Guest- BBQ only. Tee time is 1:00 pm. Sign up list is on the bulletin board.

We are invited to a visitation to Unit #100- Charleswood on 2-August. Lunch will be served at noon, followed by games, etc. List is on the board. Please sign up by 23-July, so they know how much food to order. Come out and enjoy some camaraderie and fun. You are responsible for your own transportation.

We have two dates for our meat draws in July and August, so we plan to have BBQ’s at both. Dates are 27-July and 17- Aug. Please come out and support us. Prices are low and food is very good.

Les Wahl is planning a trip to Las Vegas in October. See info on board. Contact the agent listed.



3-July-18– McPhillip's Casino- bus pick-up-at Club- 9:30 am (free)

10-July-18- Executive Meeting- 10:30 am

27-July-18- Over 55 meat draw and BBQ- 6:30. Come early and have the BBQ.

5 to 11-Aug.- Folklarama- list is on board. Cost is $74.00 pp and incl: 3 pavilions, drink, food and entertain-ment. Bus will pick us up at the Unit. No worries about parking, no line ups and a reserved table at each.
12-18-Aug- Folklarama- same as above. Choose your 3 pavilions and sign up.

17-Aug-18- Over 55 meat draw and BBQ

4-Sept- Executive Meeting- 10:30 am

11-Sept-General Meeting- 1:30 pm

Please contact Doug Lloyd, if you know anyone on the sick list. 204-688-2677



President Marg Rixen (204) 837-6467

Vice President Doug Lloyd (204) 831-7176

If you know aanyone on the sick list, please contact Doug Lloyd at (204)688-2677 or 831-7161