Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

OVER 55 & RETIRED                 Mary Lou Talmage              

I start my report on a sad note this month. Marg Rixen our Over 55 President passed away suddenly in July. Marg was a strong leader and will be missed by our membership. The Over 55 Club extends our deepest con-dolences to her family. May Marg and her infamous gavel rest in peace.

The Over 55 members have been very busy this summer.
First, a thank you to Donna Ayotte and Crystal Ehrentraut for maintaining the flower gardens.

We had our annual 283 VS Over 55 Golf Tournament on July 22. Approx. 30 players and guests attended. Everyone enjoyed a very hot day of golfing followed by a dinner and reception.

On Friday, July 27, we had our Over 55 Meat Draw and Fundraiser BBQ.

We had two bus trips to Casinos in July. One to Sand Hills and the other to McPhillips. Both buses were filled.

On August 2, our members attended a Visitation Day at Charleswood Legion for games and lunch.

Approx. 36 members boarded a bus and toured three folklorama pavilions as VIP Guests. Everyone enjoyed the evening and hope to make it an annual event.

On August 22 we hosted a Bingo for the residents at Deer Lodge.

We had a full bus to South Beach Casino for an overnight trip on Aug 28 & 29

 Bingo every Thurs. afternoon at 1:15 PM



Sept 4- Executive Meeting 10:00 am

Sept 5- Final Golf Day followed by lunch at John Thompson Room

Sept 11- General Meeting 1:30 pm

Sept 14- Bowling starts at Academy West Lanes at 9:30 am. Sign-up sheet for spares on bulletin board

Sept 16,17,18- Shooting Star Casino bus trip. Limited space available.

Sept 28- Over 55 Meat Draw and Fundraiser BBQ.

Please contact Doug Lloyd, if you know anyone on the sick list. 204-688-2677



President Marg Rixen (204) 837-6467

Vice President Doug Lloyd (204) 831-7176

If you know aanyone on the sick list, please contact Doug Lloyd at (204)688-2677 or 831-7161