Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

OVER 55 & RETIRED                                            Marg Rixen              

Another busy year is starting and we look forward to good health and happiness. We had a good turnout at our January meeting and all Executive gave their year end reports.

We held our elections and thankfully filled all our positions. Thanks to Peter Henry, our Scrutineer from #4 Legion and a big thank you to Dave Barham for all his hard work organizing it. Our Executive is as follows: President - Marg Rixen, Vice President - Doug Lloyd, Past President - Gord Ayotte, Secretary - Sandra Seal, Finance - Carol Smith, Telephones - Joan Glover, Special Events - Les Wahl, Convenor—Mary Lou Talmage, Ways and Means - Lisette Madsen, Sports - Roger Briand, Sick and Visiting - Doug Lloyd and Membership -Sharon Bugden. Thank you to Norma Lavallee for 10 years of planning our Casino trips and Diane Magrel for being our Secretary for four years. We welcome Sandra Seal as our new Secretary and Les Wahl, who will take care of our trips. Welcome! We have another hard working team in place.

A motion was made to present a sum of money to help pay for utilities and another sum towards the use of the photo copier. It was presented at the January Unit General Meeting.

We will be hosting our annual Over 80’s Birthday Party on 20-March, in the John Thompson Room at 12:30 pm. Invitations will be given at our February General Meeting. Birthday people are free but spouses under 80 will have to pay $10.00


6-Feb-18- Executive Meeting-10:00 am

7-Feb-18- Deer Lodge Bingo- sign up list on board

13-Feb-18- General Meeting- 1:30 pm

14-Feb-18- Valentine’s Day

Darts every Wed- 12:30 pm

Bingo every Thursday- 1:15 pm (chips provided)

Bowling every Friday- 9:30 amAcademy Lanes West Lanes

If you know anyone on the sick list. Please call Doug Lloyd at 831-7176



President Marg Rixen (204) 837-6467

Vice President Doug Lloyd (204) 831-7176

If you know aanyone on the sick list, please contact Doug Lloyd at (204)688-2677 or 831-7161