Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

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Even though it is summer, our Over 55 Club have managed to keep active.

On July 21st, we hosted the Unit 283 vs Over 55 golf tournament, followed by a BBQ at the club. Forty-four golfers and their guests took part. Surprise, Over 55 took the trophy.

On July 22nd, a full bus of members and friends went to Sand Hills Casino on a day trip. Everyone enjoyed the trip and some even brought back extra cash.

August 7th was our Folklorama Night. The bus, full to capacity, took us to three venues. We started at the Car-ibbean Pavilion, onto the Celtic Irish Pavilion, and ending at the Greek Pavilion at the Convention Center. Everyone enjoyed food and drink sampling and the ethnic entertainment. It was a great night and a special thank you goes out to Les Wahl for all his efforts in planning this event.

August 9th was our Over 55 meat draw and BBQ fundraiser. Both were very successful due to the group of members who volunteered to help and others who supported us.

Golf has continued throughout the summer every Wednesday morning with an average of 20 golfers each day. The weatherman has certainly cooperated with no cancellations because of rain. Our wind-up luncheon will be on the 4th of September, but golfing will continue Wednesdays until the golf course closes.

Plans are underway for our bowling season which will begin on Friday Sept. 13th at Academy Lanes West, Westwood Drive. Anyone who would like to join as a spare, see the sign-up sheet on the Over 55 bulletin board.

A bus trip to Sky Dancer Casino is planned for the 16th – 18th, of September. Information and sign-up sheet are on the Over 55 bulletin board.

Thursday afternoon Paper Bingo continues to draw more players each week. Thank you to Lisette Madsen and Paul Fontaine for all their work switching over to Paper Bingo. It has proved very successful. We are looking for volunteers to help on Thursday afternoons.

Sept. 25th, we will again be hosting Bingo for the residents of Deer Lodge Centre. A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board and we can always use volunteers.


3-Sept.-   Over 55 Executive Meeting-10:00 AM

 4- Sept.-   Golf Wind up- Following Golf at the Base

 10-Sept.- Over 55 General Meeting- 1:30pm

13- Sept.- Bowling starts-9:30 am

16th-18th Sept. - Sky Dance Casino
25-Sept.-Deer Lodge Bingo 6:30 pm

Darts every Wednesday at 12:45

Bingo every Thursday at 1:15pm. Bring a friend. Chips provided

Bowling every Friday at 9:30 am (spares always needed)


Please contact Doug Lloyd, if you know anyone on the sick list. 204-688-2677 or 204-831-7176 or email: anavets2830ver55andretired@gmail.com