Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

PRESIDENT'S REPORT                                 Len Cook

I hope all Members had a safe and enjoyable summer and I welcome you back to the Unit. The summer months, although fairly quiet, went well for the Unit and we look forward to the fall months being enjoyable as well.

Now that September is here things should start getting busy in the Unit. All of our in-house Sports Leagues will begin soon and I welcome all returning players and new players as well. I wish you all a successful season.

I attended the Can/Am Golf tournament in Grand Forks on August 24th and once again it was a great day. The weather (rain) held off for us and everyone enjoyed the day.

Plans are already underway for our November 11th service so watch for additional information over the next months. Plans are also underway for the Annual Deer lodge Christmas visit. Sign-up posters will go up later so watch for these as well. You will hear more about these events as time goes on.

There is also some special entertainment planned for the up-coming year so watch for information on these events as well.

Our next General Meeting is September 19th so please plan to attend.

Hope to see you in the Unit.

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