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 Men's Snooker League Rules

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1.            The Men’s Snooker League will hold an Annual General Meeting prior to the Annual Banquet. 

2.            The Annual General Meeting business will be to:

                a.             elect Committee members for the administration and operation of the   league for the following year;

                b.            members to receive a financial report on current year;

                c.             review league rules and approve any changes to rules by majority vote of paid-up members in attendance.  No proxy votes will be allowed.

               d.            review any other business that may come before the members, either by committee recommendations or presented by members at large.

 3.      The Annual Banquet will be held at the conclusion of league play to present awards and trophies, announce new Committee members, appreciation and generally good fellowship.

 4.      The elected Committee members will elect from one of their members: a chair person; a vice chair and other duties including finance, schedules, drawmaster etc. as assigned by the committee.

 5.            The Committee will be responsible to the league membership, the sports officer and the club at large for the management and operation of the Men’s Snooker league with respect to:

                a.       promote and receive registrations for league play – both singles and doubles leagues;

                b.      prepare an annual operating budget and annual Financial Report;

                c.       establish registrations fees adjusted periodically to provide a positive operating budget;

                d.      hold a competition for selection of team players to represent our unit in snooker for the Command Shield;

                e.       provide support for the sports officer for the house competition to select a team for the Command Triathlon event (Carter Shield);

                f.       organize and run club snooker tournaments, examples of past and ongoing events are:

                        i.      Holiday Tournament – formerly Father and Son held annually;

                       ii.      Guys & Dolls – held in February – has not been run for several years;

                      iii.      Blind draw – open tournament – has not been held in recent memory;

                      iv.      Men’s League / Masters – held in 2013;

                g.      provide publicity to the sports officer on league activity and tournaments;

                h.      organize and run fund raising events to support the league within club rules;

                 i.        provide schedules for league play and supervise and co-ordinate league activities;

                 j.        ensure league rules are posted or circulated and enforce rules as the needs dictate;

                 k.      co-ordinate any other business that comes before the Committee.

 6.            All Men’s Snooker League activities must comply with club rules.

League Rules and Regulations 

1.    QUALIFYING – All players must have their league dues paid by cash or post-dated cheque to the Men’s Snooker Committee Chairman by September 30th.  All players must also have their Unit Membership dues paid by cash or post-dated cheque by January 31st, of the current year or confirming their intention to become a Club Member for the upcoming year.

 2.      SINGLES:  The first round commences on Mondays in mid-September and runs through December/January at which time players will be separated into divisions.  There will be no matches on Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas Week, January 1st or 2nd and Louis Riel Day.

 The Singles League can accommodate up to 24 players.  The Committee will develop a schedule consistent with the number of players with the principal that players will play as many league members as possible in the first round. 

 Once the initial round robin is completed, the Singles League will begin divisional play with “A”, “B” and “C” divisions (depending upon the number of participants).

 The divisions will be sorted by most wins.  In the event of a tie – please see Tie Breaker Section 11 below.

 3.      DOUBLES:  the first round commences on Wednesdays in mid-September and runs through December/January at which time teams will be separated into divisions in preparation for the second round. 

 For example: if there are 16 teams, the first round robin will take 15 weeks after witch two divisions will be created requiring 14 weeks to complete play.  Should less than 16 teams register, the committee will be responsible for determining the schedule.  The maximum practical number of teams the league can accommodate is 18.

 Once the initial round robin is completed, the Doubles league will begin divisional play with “A”. “B” and “C” divisions (depending upon the number of teams).  The divisions will be sorted by most wins.  In the event of a tie – please see Tie Breaker Section 11 below.

 Should your partner be unable to play, you may contact a spare from the official spare list located on the bulletin board or circulated to league members.  If no spares are available, you may use a member from another team, or from singles providing your opponents agree.

 For playoffs, a player may select a spare from a team that did not qualify for the playoffs and is in the same or lower division than the team requiring a spare.

 4.      START TIMES:  Both leagues start matches at 6:30 p.m., 7:45 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. respectively.  Whenever possible players are encouraged to start their matches early.

 If your opponent(s) arrives 15 minutes late, the waiting player(s) have the option of calling a forfeit of the first frame.  If they are 30 minutes late, the waiting player(s) have the option of calling a forfeit of the match.  Players may choose to waive this penalty, but must complete match in the required time allotted or reschedule as agreed upon by the participants.

 5.      LATE FINISH:  A match should be finished prior to the next time slot.  Players should use their discretion regarding continuing or starting a third game that may or will affect the next time slot.  Players have a 15 minute grace period, wherein if they are not finished, the committee may stop your play or delay you from starting a third game.  You must leave the table within the 15 minute period.  These late finish guidelines apply to both singles and doubles. 

 Both the 7:45 and 9:00 PM draws should be afforded the opportunity to start their games within the 15 minute grace period.  However, if the schedule should include open tables as it does in doubles play, players who are at the table as well as incoming players need to consider whether this would best occur at the assigned table or by starting play on an open table or a table to become open in a few minutes (assumes a match is near completion).  If there is no open table or if one is not expected to become open within 15 minutes the committee may  stop your play or delay you from starting a third game.

 6.      CASUAL PLAY:  Players who have completed their match (through play or default) may remain on the table for an hour of the scheduled time and they should relinquish the table during the remaining 15 minutes of scheduled time if the in-coming player(s) are ready to commence their match.

 7.      MAKE-UP GAMES: - must be agreed to by both parties and be completed before the next week of play. Wednesday nights are for Doubles play, however, Singles makeup games may be scheduled providing they do not interfere with Doubles matches and will have to concede the table to Doubles players who are ready to start their matches.  All matches must be completed by the last scheduled match. 

 8.      HANDICAPS AND DEFAULT GAMES:  All handicaps begin a zero at the beginning of the season and at the beginning of division play. Each win is worth -5, each loss is worth +5 to a maximum of + or – 20 in the first round only. 

Default games do not affect current handicap.

No handicaps will used in Divisional play and the season ending Playoffs.  

 9.      RECORD KEEPING:  only the Drawmaster may enter wins, losses or change handicaps.  All players must complete a win/loss score sheet and place it in the Men’s Snooker League tray or give it to the Drawmaster.  All matches are best of 3 frames.

10.    PLAYOFFS:  The Paige System will be used in the Playoffs:  Match #1 features Divisional 1 vs 2; Match #2 features 3 vs 4.  The winner of Match #1 advance to the finals.  Match #3 features the Loser of Match #1 and the winner of Match #2; winner advances to Match #4 the finals.  Matches #1, #2 and #3 will be best of 5 frames.  Match #4 will be best of 7 frames.

 11.    TIE-BREAKERS:  Qualifying for the playoffs is based on most wins and frames won in the round robin divisional play.  Tie breakers are currently decided on the team or player who has the most 1 – 2 match losses vs 0 – 2 matches.  If still tied, the committee uses head to head results as the next tie breaker.  If still tied, the Committee will determine the best method of deciding tiebreakers.

 12.    HIGH BREAK:   There are trophies for high breaks in both singles and doubles.  For a break of 25 or more, league members will receive an entry into a draw for every break/run or 25 or more.

 13.    OFFICIAL RULES:   All frames of snooker will be governed under the Official Rules of Snooker as outlined by the WPBSA with the exception of Rule 14 Foul and a Miss.

 14.    LAG METHOD:   Players will utilize a lag method of deciding which player or team shots first.  Winner of the lag has the choice to start first or for their opponent to start.  Teams will have the choice to determine the order of play.

 15     TROPHIES:   Trophies for most wins and division winners will be awarded out at the sports banquet at the end of the year.

 16.    VOLUNTEERS:   The league needs volunteers to: serve on the Committee, assist with Friday night meat draws, manage weekly 50/50 draws, support the Club with snooker and triathlon Command events and to perform other functions including managing special tournaments.  If you are interested in assisting with any of these activities please indicate your interest to a committee member.

 The Committee will establish Meat Draw chairs who are responsible for ensuring that an appropriate number of volunteers are at the club on Meat Draw nights.

 The sales of 50/50 and Grey Cup tickets are important fund raisers for the league and all league players are encouraged to purchase these tickets.  Please indicate to committee members if you are interested in assisting with the sale of weekly 50/50 tickets.

 Please see the bulletin board for Committee members as well as for special tournaments and other announcements! 


Edited on:  August 6, 2015  Approved on:   September 7, 2015