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SHUFFLEBOARD                                                  Faye Davidson

Shuffleboard finished their season with a Tri League Banquet Mat 5th. A great night was had by all, after the banquet finished many stayed at the Club to watch completion of the Jets game and enjoy the music man for the rest of the evening, was a great party.

 Winning this year in Shuffleboard were the following; Tom and Rosanne Peresluka were the big winners, grand Aggregate, A division winners, Men and Ladies hangers winner in the league paly, plus Rosanne won our new plaque Bob Heki Award for most hangers overall with a total of 24. Congratulations. Other winners B division Ralph Piett & Sandra Seal; C division Linda O’Brien & Margaret Pokornik. Playoff hangers winners women & men. A:Pat Hildebrand & Stan Jorowski B: Shirley Lyon & Ken Cade; C: Margaret Pokornik. Kim Roberts, Faye Davidson (tied) and Randy Morningstar.

 As you can see the prizes were spread around, when you include the runners up almost everyone in the league won something, this being said come join shuffleboard next season, have a great time each week, and meet more people in the club while doing it.

 A speedy recovery to the following Fran ONeil, Stan Jorowski, Marg Rixon, Pat Hildebrand been thinking of you all. Have a super summer and hope to see everyone in the fall. Registration will be held in August see you then.



Hangers Playoffs:
Runner-up C Division - Irene Uskoski, Highest: Kim Roberts, Men's: Tom Kolba.

Runner-up B Division - Shirley Lyon, Men's: Ken Cade, Highest: Sandra Penner, Men's: Mark Buchan.

Runner-up A Division - Kim Hekl, Highest: Pat Hildebrand, Men's: Darryl Yeo.

Hangers Season League Play:

Runners-up Tom Peresluka, Linda O’Brien and Roseanne Peresluka. Highest: Faye Davidson and Bob Hekl.

Division Playoffs:

C Division Runners-up Irene Uskoski/Marg Pokornik
C Division Champs Faye Davidson/Joan Broughton
B Division Runners-up Shirley Lyon/Ken Cade
B Division Champs Stan Jarowski/Sandra Penner
A Division Runners-up Darryl Yeo/Pat Hildebrand
A Division Champs Kim Hekl/Bob Hekl


The new Executive for Shuffleboard will be:

Chair – Shirley Lyon  Vice-Chair – Faye Davidson Treasurer – Sandra Seal

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Sports Banquet on May 7th.

 Thank you to Alain Dumonceaux for once again being our MC, you do such an amazing job of keeping the evening running smoothly. We do appreciate your assistance.

Thank you all for an exciting season.

Have a Wonderful Summer everyone, enjoy it to the fullest!