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SPORTS                                                                 Rae Roberts
The Unit Sports Leagues held their annual ‘Sports-a-Rama’ sign-up on Wednesday, August 14th. which was a huge success and I thank all those who attended, both old and new players. These leagues more than filled their quotas and this Unit greatly appreciates all the dedicated members who support the various sports. Of course I did it again...signed up for almost every sports league...just can’t say no!!
During the evening, one lucky member was fortunate enough to have his name drawn for a free 2019-2020 league membership....congratulations Dave Pederson.
The first Provincial Command Tournament for this 2019-2020 season will be ‘Regular Snooker’ hosted by our Unit on Saturday, September 14th at 1000 hrs in the games room. A qualifying event was held in the games room on Saturday, August 17th at 1000 hrs resulting in the following members representing Unit #283; “A” Side: Al Dyker/Ivor Gammie “B” Side: Mark Buchan/Clive Hjorleifson
Good luck and have a great tournament.
A upcoming sporting event of note is the snooker ’Top Gun Challenge’ being held at the Manitoba Club on Saturday, September 14th. The qualifier for this annual event was held at the Unit on Saturday August 24th in the games room. Those who qualified are: Perry Whitesell. Rick Thain, David Larson, Dieter Bonas, Chuck Dyck, Rick Ratte. This tournament is hosted by the ‘Intrepid Society of Winnipeg’ which was founded by one of our past Unit members and longtime snooker player, Sid Davy. Of interest, this Society was named for a local Winnipeg man, William Stephenson, who was “A Man Called Intrepid” and he was the forerunner of the modern day intelligence services.
As we are drawing closer to the start of the sports year, I hope to have the shuffleboard table redone soon so as to not delay the start of their league play. Also, I plan to purchase and install new $1.00 digital coin operated machines for the 4 snooker tables asap following a 3rd bid price notice. Revenue from the now installed coin machines will more than cover the cost of these new units. Upkeep and maintenance of all games room equip-ment is always a priority and necessity.
I have put some inquiries out to the membership in regards to starting a Unit 5 Pin Bowling League. We are investigating various outlets and venues. This of course could be an evening during the week or possibly a Sat-urday or Sunday morning – afternoon etc., so depending upon number of members starting, this could be ad-justed as needed. If any Unit member is interested, please contact me, vice chair Mike Ottenbrite or any of the Unit executive for further information. TRY IT...YOU’LL LIKE IT
Although I have had some positive response pertaining to the planned (by Morale Officer Donna Hartie) ‘Youth Sports’ I again ask any interested Unit comrade to please submit your name towards this new endeav-our. We need volunteer help as well as sponsorship for this to become viable. This can turn into something great not only for the youth of Winnipeg, but for this Unit’s reputation as a Veterans organization and as an acknowledgement to Unit #283 not only locally but on a national level. This is all good PR and notoriety for us in ANAVETS in community affairs. This should be our main mandate.....GET KNOWN EVERYWHERE.
WE ARE BEING OBSERVED by Dominion Command who show an interest in what we are trying, and they would expanding this nationally if it were to become successful. We often say...how and why we are not gain-ing members in this organization...we just do nothing positive to address this issue. Not all youth are hockey players, football players or gamers.....so if you know of any young people either related or in your neighbour-hood.....just tell them what we are planning and show some interest in them. Besides for those of us who do not go south for the winter, this is an excellent way of keeping ‘cabin fever’ away......realize also that we can learn from the youth...might be fun.

"FUN SNOOKER NIGHTS"  submitted by RICK THAIN below
 During the summer months, snooker players from the Women’s, Men’s, Senior and Master Snooker Leagues enjoyed coming together on Monday evenings for some “fun snooker games”. Players were charged $3.00 each week, with attendance ranging from 12 to 20 participants per night. A collective total of approximately $450.00 was raised over the 10 weeks which will be funnelled back to purchase new equipment and accesso-ries over the next few weeks. With the proceeds from last summer’s Fun Snooker, new rests, a new set of snooker balls and a gross of chalk were purchased.
Each week a variety of games were played, including: “10 Reds, No Colours”; “101”; “6 Reds & Colours al-ternate team shots; “Pink/Black”; “Blue Ball”; “1 Hidden Red & Colours”; “10 Reds & Black Ball”; and “4 Hidden Reds & Colours”. At the beginning of each evening all players waited with great anticipation for the announcement of the “game of the night”. Teams were quickly put together matching skill levels as much as possible. The less skilled players were usually matched with the higher skilled ones to even out the “friendly” competition. Coaching your partner and heckling your opponents was allowed sometimes encouraged. After a preliminary round robin, the teams were then entered into a double knock out playoff system, arriving at a Championship team by the end of the night. Matches started at 6:30 and on some nights, the finals didn’t get completed until after 10 pm. Great value for the $3.00 fee!
Many thanks go out to Rae Roberts and Len Cook for allowing the “Fun Snooker Nights” to happen again this year. Thanks also go to: Tanner and the other bar staff for keeping the aiming juices flowing; Dieter Bonas for attempting to organize the teams by way of a random card system; and all the participants over the course of the summer including and in no particular order: Peter Curry, Darryl Yeo, Leo Dascanio, Wayne Des Roche, Brian Doughty, Warren Dyer, John Goodwin, Bernice Kwasnicki, David Larson, Frank Lindal, Len Cook, Shelly Duffney, Blair Lawson, Linda O’Brien, Brian Smith, Tom Smith, Mark Swendrowski, Jim Aberdeen, Henry Gerbrandt, Stan Chartrand, Mark Benedictson, Roy Bennett, Barry Pennell, Dieter Bonas and Rick Thain. If you don’t believe me, please ask any of the above if they had any “FUN” this summer!
Aside from the friendly competition, it was a perfect opportunity for the players to learn from each other and establish new friendships to last a lifetime. Here are just some the players who did have some FUN!



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