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SPORTS                                                                 Rae Roberts

I certainly hope one and all are having a fantastic fall and that this weather continues for months to come. With the upcoming sports 2018-2019 season of league and event competition nearing, I wish all Unit sports mem-bers good fortune and success throughout this new year of play. I heartily congratulate and thank those dedicated members who organize and run our leagues so efficiently. I, on behalf of Unit #283, welcome any and all new members to our Unit sports leagues and I am sure you will enjoy the competition and develop new and lasting friendships among your fellow league players.

Please keep an eye (or preferably both) on the bulletin boards in the games room for information regarding up-coming qualifying tournaments as well as special sports events held throughout this new season. Also, please note that the requirements for qualifying and competing in any Command event requires a current 283 mem-bership. As a side note.... when qualifying for any Command event outside Winnipeg, you must state (yes or no) if you plan to stay overnight following said event. Unit #283 will pay mileage, a stipend and hotel accommodation for one night for competitors representing the Unit. For those who plan to return home the same day as the event, you will still receive mileage and a stipend for expenses. To sum up, I hope you consider entering these and other sports events and consider representing Unit #283 thereby competing for the Manitoba N/W Ontario Provincial Command Championship Shield.

Hope to see you throughout this 2018-2019 sports season, and again I wish the very best to you all and remember: play fair, play your best, play with skill........except when I am your competition.

The next Unit Sports Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 11th at 6:30pm. in the boardroom. I hope to see all available League Chairs in attendance when we can discuss any new or current league business.



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