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SPORTS                                                                 Rae Roberts

The month of January returned us back to our normal schedule of the sports leagues following the Christmas break however many players continued to keep the games room highly active weather it be in individual practice or play as well as fun play throughout the down time in league play.

Although we have not had the numbers to hold qualifying events again where it comes Provincial Command Tournaments, we were and are able to send a full slate of players to these events. This continuing issue is something that all Unit #283 sports chairs have to take a closer look at and help decide what possible approach may encourage more participation. In the end, if all the Units do not continue to support and compete in Com-mand tournaments, the only alternative may be to drastically change the formats or to cancel the whole program.

I do understand and realize that most players come in, play their match and never look at the sports bulletin board for upcoming events. At this point, I am not sure if it would help should we email every Unit sports player about upcoming sporting events. Although we could try this approach, I however would need the help of all sports league chairs to get this information out to their individual group of players. To take it to the ex-treme, I don’t know how many members of the Unit who play in various sports realize the benefits in being a member of Unit #283 other than just playing a game. There is whole lot more than sports to benefit from in this club. I have tried to explain these benefits before, but perhaps the message is not translating across proper-ly. This is something we as a Unit should make as a priority, supply this information every year either at Sports-a-Rama sign up or when renewing memberships. Just a thought.

Positive sports news. Congratulations to the Unit #283 Shuffleboard Team consisting of:
Tom Peresluka
Alain Dumonceaux
Stan Jorowski
Ken Jorowski
for winning the Provincial Command Shuffleboard Tournament held at John Osborn Unit #1 on January 18th. With this win it now gives our Unit 24 points towards the Command Shield.

The next Command Tournament is Senior Snooker being held at Brandon Unit #10 on February 8th. On behalf of the Unit I wish the Team of : Barry Burns, Al Semkiw, Rick Thain, Paul Maier the best and have a safe trip there and back.

Following Senior Snooker will be the Command Ladies Shuffleboard Tournament also being held at Brandon Unit #10 on the 14th of March. We will try to hold a qualifier for this event on Saturday, February 15th at 10:00am in the games room. Hope to see some ladies out for this event.

In conclusion, Unit sports are extremely healthy, active and running perfectly in the capable hands of the various Sports League Chairs and their Committees. Besides upcoming qualifiers and tournaments I am looking into the prospect of restarting Pub League Darts once again. This league at the moment is small but with new blood running things, is ready to expand and be a regular part of Unit play. This may not start until September of this year, however if anyone is interested in playing or getting back into Pub League, just let me know or leave your name at the Unit and you will be contacted.

To all Unit Comrades, please check the Sports Bulletin Board for any upcoming tournaments and/or fun events you may find of interest...besides you just might have a good time and meet some new friends.. it’s a good thing



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