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SPORTS                                                                 Rae Roberts
I will be scheduling a sports meeting via email soon to discuss some issues. We will decide how, when and if we will hold a Sports-a-Rama and in what format if this present situation reoccurs .
(email, zoom, phone or in the Unit)

As there was not a completion of the Unit Sports Leagues season or any wind-up banquets for the 2019-2020 year of play, I am suggesting an option, with each leagues agreement, to use funds from the sports league ac-counts to pay all or a portion of their 2020-2021 sports memberships. This obviously would cover all players who were signed up for the 2019-2020 season. New players would have to pay as required. By offering a (free) sports membership to the players, I believe we will easily have a full slate and have a healthy and positive year of sports. The remaining funds could be used either for year-end wind-ups and/or used as a donated towards games-room upkeep (equipment etc.). This obviously is a decision individual league committees can decide regarding the disbursement of their individual sports accounts. Please note, this does not involve all Unit sports leagues.

Secondly, each league can also decide whether they wish to forgo their weekly profit from the Friday Night Sports Meat Draw and donate same back to the Unit. This would be a temporary arrangement with a time frame (number of months) that can be decided by the leagues and the Unit. Hopefully, all leagues hosting the meat draw would be in agreement, it is your decision.

Enough said....as we gradually welcome our comrades back...even though in smaller numbers,


However, our anxious snooker players have been as usual early risers and have enjoyed their time back in friendly competition, although for now, at limited table access.

Perhaps in smaller numbers, the Friday Night Sports Meat Draw is planned to restart Friday, July 10th at 1830hrs (6:30pm). Good luck to all attending and have a glorious time out of your ‘basement’.



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