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Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

SPORTS                                                                 Rae Roberts

Providing all is controllable and that we are able to operate within this our new environment, the majority of Unit in-house sports leagues are scheduled and have begun their individual competitions.

The following are the start dates for the various Unit sports leagues:
Monday evening, September 14th Shuffleboard and Men’s Singles Snooker

followed by:

Men’s Doubles Snooker on Wednesday the 16th
Senior Snooker Singles playoff on the 21st (2019-2020 season)
Senior Snooker Doubles playoff on the 22nd & 24th (possible 29th) (2019-2020 season)
Ladies Snooker on the 24th
Senior Snooker Doubles on September 29th
Senior Snooker Singles on October 5th
As of this date the Curling League is unsure ....need one more team (PLEASE HELP)
The Unit Darts League are considering a start-up date in January, 2021 when they will survey their players and recommend their protocols and regulations for their 2021 McMillan League season.
The Unit will not have either of the Cribbage Leagues back this season or until restrictions are lifted, lightened or cancelled.

As well as each league’s preferences for player safety, guidelines have and/or will be coordinated with all sports leagues and the Unit pertaining to games room etiquette and protocols to set a safe environment for all members and guests in the sports room. Enforcement of new standards will be shared and controlled by the leagues as well as the Unit itself. Together we can make it happen and avoid the possibility of breaking local government regulations.....whether they be suggested guidelines or those enforced by Manitoba Health. Hope-fully, we all can make it a safe inviting environment for our members and guests to enjoy the facilities and functions in the ’Friendly Club’.

Please keep notice of the bulletin boards for current and/or updated information regarding member safety and for possible future guideline changes affecting the Unit and its members.

Something I never thought I would have to enforce regarding indoor sports is ‘play safe and maintain distance rules and guidelines of play. Each sports committee has and are informing and requesting the players to help marshal their own and other members recognition of new protocols required.

On behalf of the Unit Executive and members all, I gratefully accept and thank the following sports leagues for donating back to the Unit and supporting #283 in these tight and trying financial times. Taken from their individual sports funds, the Shuffleboard League donated $1000.00 and Senior Snooker donated $4000.00.
Unfortunately Masters Snooker is unable to form a league this season due to the low number of participants signed. However, they and I are in the planning stages of instituting a Weekly Open Unit Members Tourna-ment with cash prizes. A portion of the fees will be used to pay for table time. Further information is pending. I hope you who are able to compete have a successful season of play during this 2020-2021 sports league year. As of this date, no Unit Tournaments or Qualifiers are scheduled.

Regarding Command Sports for the 2020-2021 calendar, all Command Sports have been cancelled. We will be holding a Command Sports Meeting here at Unit #283 on October 18th to discuss the future and viability of sports and other events. I will update the results following the above meeting at our next Unit General Meeting.

Regarding HOUSE policy and safety...please refrain from bringing beverages and/or snacks into the Unit from outside sources. Thank you for your cooperation Comrades

(note posted bar & canteen hours of service)

As always, play fair, play safe and above all.....enjoy


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