Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

WAYS AND MEANS                                                       BILL SADLER

Happy New Year Everyone

To start off a New Year, I feel I should thank those who make my job as your Ways and Means chair, successful. First is my wife Barb who organizes the volunteers and me each week. The next on my list is the almost sixty volunteers that show up to do their part each week. The last but not least are you, the ticket buyers, who come out each week to help support your clubs efforts.

I would also like to thank Munther Zeid at Food Fare, who makes sure we have an excellent product for our meat and bakery products.

Our plans for the new year will be to continue with our weekly meat draws, 50/50 draws and of course our popular cake table. Barb says she is planning hamper draws for Easter and Thanksgiving and I plan to have the extra draw of T-bone steaks in time for May long weekend.

Barb and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a

Healthy and Happy New Year.