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Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

WAYS AND MEANS                                                       BILL SADLER

Being as how we had such a successful year in 2017 with our meat draws, cake draws, 50/50 draws and ham-per draws, the “boss” says “Bill we need you and your volunteers to do that again this year” so I sat down, took out my pen and started to plan for another successful year.

Meat draws will stay the same with a few small seasonal changes. The cake table is always popular and profit-able so no changes there. The 50/50 draw with Elly St. Pierre, will not allow me to make changes. So that leaves the hamper baskets. Well Barb has already started buying all kinds of goodies for the Easter hamper basket. Tickets will go on sale the early part of March, the draw will be on March 24, 2018. The baskets will include an Easter ham and speaking of hams we will also have a seventh draw on the 24th of six hams.

May long weekend comes not long after that and we will have a seventh draw of six big T-bone steaks and a picnic basket including barbecue goodies and T-bone steaks. My mouth is already watering.

In the fall it is a time for Thanksgiving. We will again have a hamper basket and a seventh draw of six turkeys.

And last but not least how about a hamper basket with a turkey and a seventh draw of six turkeys just in time for Christmas. As you know this portfolio is not done without a lot of volunteers, ticket sellers and you the buyers.