Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

WAYS AND MEANS                                                       BILL SADLER

Since my last report covering July and August, the ways and means portfolio has been doing very well. This portfolio covers Saturday meat draws, cake draws, 50/50 draws and hamper draws. Speaking of hamper draws, we have two hamper baskets filled with goodies, includes a turkey and potatoes just in time for Thanksgiving. Tickets will be on sale until the draw date of September 29th, at that time we will also have a seventh draw of all turkeys.

As I had to miss several Saturdays over the last two months for personal and club business, I would like to thank the volunteers who filled in admirably and making me wonder if I am really needed. Thanks again, great job.

I have been asked to put in a short report on business away from the club.

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018 to Aug. 15 2018

The 54th Biannual Dominion Convention was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Saskatoon, SK. Barb and I ar-rived Saturday afternoon for registration and later on the open house at Unit #38.

Sunday was the memorial parade with all of our delegates attending in full dress. The parade was followed by opening ceremonies.

Monday—our Provincial Command Caucus meeting was called for 7:00 am with everyone attending on time. This meeting is called so all delegates have a chance to speak on the bylaw changes and the presenta-tion of new bylaws. Our first Dominion session opened at 9:00am with interesting speakers. During the afternoon session the American Legion requested to present their awards early as they had to be at another meeting in the USA. This award recognizes your efforts and contribution you put in over the years to help veterans and support your club. To my surprise two members of #283 were recognized with this prestigious award, Rae Roberts and Bill Sadler. I would personally like to thank our Provincial Command and local club for submitting my name.

Tuesday- Started with a 7:15am caucus meeting, followed by 9:00am Dominion business with a speaker fol-lowed by more work on the bylaw changes scheduled until 2:00 with sporting events starting at 2:00pm. Rae Roberts and Gertie Barron both won in their sports event.

Wednesday-- We got to sleep in with meetings not starting until 9:00am. We started off with a speaker and wrapped up the last of the bylaw changes on Wednesday afternoon. We had the Dominion awards presenta-tion starting off with Life Time Membership Awards and to my surprise my name was the first one called, followed by Ken Cade. This award is awarded on the point system, the number of years as a member and so many points to serve as club executive or provincial command. Thanks to our President Len Cook, my name was submitted. The icing on the cake was the presentation of the Award of Merritt to our past president Hayden Kent. This award is the highest offered by the Dominion Command in recognition of past perfor-mance. Wow, what a week. These presentations were followed by the election of Dominion Officers, the Dominion President for the next two years will be Ron Smith, Fort Gary Unit #60 and the fifth vice presi-dent from Unit #10, Brandon is Al Dunham.

Closing ceremonies were followed by the closing banquet at 6:00pm. If you are interested in the bylaw changes speak with one of your executive and I am sure they will go over them with you.My second reason for missing a Saturday meat draw was the prestigious Can-Am Golf Tournament. This tour-nament in the eyes of many is one of the top international friendship tournaments. This match was played Saturday, August 25, 2018, with #283 master golfers bringing the trophy back. To his surprise one of your mem-bers, Bill Sadler was awarded the prestigious Green Jacket with the magnolia flower on the lapel. I was so ex-cited I could hardly sleep that night, mainly because of Dave Barham and Pat Parago’s comedy show.

Mark on your calendars, Grand Forks members have asked for a rematch June 8th 2019 at Bel Acres.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone back in the club rooms this fall.