Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

WAYS AND MEANS                                                       BILL SADLER

Wow, summer is finally here and for us at #283 meat draws it means a lot of our members leave for their cottages,summer trips or just lounge about. Now I must tell you about the bright side of summer, the good news is the fewer people that turn up for the meat draw have a much greater chance of winning and by winning you a lot more fun.

Thinking of having fun, the ways and means portfolio consisting of Saturday meat draws, cake table, 50/50 draws and hamper draws continues to do well and make a profit. There are three reasons for this
1. Our product supplied by Food Fare
2. You, the buyers of the tickets.

3. Our, staff of volunteers.

For our product we say thanks and pay our bill, for you the buyer we say thanks and provide you with a good product and an excellent place to socialize on a Saturday afternoon. For our volunteers we say thank you in a different way.

A number of years ago it was decided to celebrate the clubs anniversary each year in mid July and at this time recognize the people who volunteer their time to keep this club gong by giving them certificates appreciation.
At this time they also recognize the sports person of the year and you the member of the year. How about coming out this year and supporting your volunteers.

On a different note, last week I had a complaint about camp fire bacon. I called Food Fare about this and they apologised and said this was a mistake, we should only be receiving Swift or Maple Leaf. I would like to thank member who brought this to my attention.

Over the summer months as some of our volunteers go on holidays we will be looking for, fill in volunteers, experience not necessary, we will train.

Barb and I would like to wish everyone a safe and healthy summer and hope to see you July 13th for the clubs anniversary and the recognition of your volunteers.