Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

SERVICE OFFICER/MORAL OFFICER                    Donna Hartie

We will be receiving from Veterans Affairs a box of 200 boot pins which will be distributed to members once received, and 200 Poppy Pins which I will keep for Remembrance Day. We have been asked to provide a Colour Party for the Italian Celebration in Aug and they will contact Rae or myself in relation to this. The Pro-gram Advisor for Western Canada has said they are very pleased with the professionalism of Rae Roberts, Sgt-at-Arms and Colour Party team. They are always looking for help in parades and events and have us on top of their list.

The new Youth Sports League has a poster for Volunteers, with applications attached, as well as Applications for Youth to sign up. This will be posted in the mezzanine. CTV will be coming in, at a later date, and do an interview about this exciting NEW Activity for Youth in our Community. I am writing sponsor letters and applying for Grants. Letters of invitation to Military Cadet organizations are being sent out. Rae and I will be promoting YOUTH SPORTS at every opportunity. Please pass the word on and let other people know what new events are happening at Unit #283. (Poster is on page 17 in this Newsletter.)
We are looking for Sponsors/Donations for this League to cover the costs of t-shirts, hats, food and equipment for the youth. I will be looking at the a cost of having professional posters made and get them out to the sur-rounding community clubs and schools in September. There will be a purple donation box situated at the bar for small donations, any amount welcome. If a larger donation is made please ensure you state it is for the YOUTH SPORTS League and request a receipt. Gord Watt has donated a hand made wooden fully functional made to scale Freightliner Gravel Truck Tandem Unit and Pup valued at over $900.00 as fund raiser for this league. Tickets will go on sale in January and the draw will be held at the Youth Sports League Banquet in May 2020. Tickets will be $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00.
We, as a Unit, are part of the City of Winnipeg CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAM. This will entitle members to purchase a pass (up to 5) for half price. This is a benefit to everyone in the Unit. Our Pass will be Called “ANAVETS283 ACTIVE LIVING PASS”, and we are the FIRST Unit in Winnipeg to be part of the program. I have 50 free pass and 5 drop ins if you wish to try it out.. The Unit receives NO funding for this. The benefit is on the individual level. It is what you get out of joining Not what WE get out of it. If you are interested please phone me or leave note with name and phone # for Active Living for me at bar. I hope you are all interested and take advantage. Another first for ANAVETS283.

I need each and everyone of you to support promoting these two NEW ventures for our Unit. Get the word out there.

                           'SHOULDER TO SHOULDER'

Health & Welfare - Donna Hartie


Brian Toews
       Gord Crigger
   Bud Casey
  Gordon Kalian
Terry Abrahamson
Harry Grosvenor
Sharon Monkhouse
Brian Towse
NOTE: If anyone knows a Member in Hospital,Please let me know. Thank you Donna Hartie