Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

SERVICE OFFICER                                              Donna Hartie

I now have a committee, it may be small but a lot of brain storming. Millie Blair and I got together twice al-. We discussed guidelines for visitations and had a visit with the Navy Museum where we were given a private tour by the Director Mr. Michael T. Shortridge, CD. There was Millie & John Blair, Rae Roberts and myself. I will also be visiting Minto Armory and the Fort Garry Horse.

Tentative guidelines: they are as follows: 1) All broken bones will receive a card; 2) Home & sick for a week will receive a phone call, second week a home visit and receive a card and bag with goodies; 3) Hospital visits after 7 days; 4) Terminal comrades will receive phone calls and a visit with a bag goodies. 5) Names will be put on the Board in the lobby after permission has been received. Doug Lloyd gave me a sample of forms used for Sick and Visiting and seems excited to be working as a team.

Rae and I went and had a little visit Fran O’Neil who is in good spirits and wants to get back to shuffle board, and Rennie Gosselin was anxious to get back and have a beer and play machines. Regretfully, shortly after our visit Rennie, passed away.

Funerals: A Celebration of Life will be on April 20,2018 1-4 for Mr. Robert (Bob)Kennedy Dott, an associ-ate member, on April 20. Mr; George Apps, active member, 1990-2018. Service will be held at the Chapel of the Good Sheppard on April 20, 2018. Mr. Melville “MEL” Graham McGuire, a long time past member, D.O.D March 17, 2018. He was 91 years young and service was held March 26,2018 at Chapel Lawn. His notice was posted under Services.

We are discussing replacing the freezer in the back bar storage to a stand up freezer. The freezer does not seal properly nor keep food fresh. I am looking into a STAND UP freezer replacement and will present to the Executive for discussion.

I have gone through the medical equipment and disposed of items that can not be lent out, or are broken, have been disposed off. A book has been developed for requesting an item. It is important that you put a request in and wait for confirmation before taking an item. The item may have already been promised to a comrade.

In order to borrow the medical equipment we need an agreement which must be completed by the responsible party. Request Form are as follows: 1) Request for Medical Equipment; 2)Request for Hospital Visit; 3) No-tification of a Death


Health & Welfare - Donna Hartie


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