Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

SERVICE  /MORALE OFFICER                    Donna Hartie

I would like to welcome Sandra Seal to the team. Sandra will be doing Sick and Memorial cards and mail them out. Please remember to continue letting me know if some one is sick, hospitalized or moved to a private Care Home. They are entitled to a card however if we are not told I can’t do my job. As well as Sympathy cards for the passing of a member. However, if family or comrade does not their want name up on the board, it does not go up. I am also responsible to ensure the Memorial books are up to date, which they are thanks to Millie Blair and that Remembrance Day Roll Call is complete and accurate. With out YOUR assistance this job can not be done.
 Medical equipment: If you are in need of a walker or wheel chair please contact me, personally, so the right piece of equipment is given to you. The Bar staff has permission to give out my number when related to business.|
 I would like to welcome Randy Morningstar to the position of Sargent of Arms and new member to the Color Party Mike Ottenbreiat. The full Color Party is as follows John Blair, Donna Hartie, Mike Ottenbeiat, Ron Reader, Brenda Walls and Gordon Watt. We had a training session taught by Robert Hemlow, Provincial Comrade Sargent of Arms, who taught the protocol which we are to follow. A service was held at the Luther Church, on Cavalier Avenue, for the late David Robert Walker, in which we participated and a Veteran service portion was held. The family was very grateful. Thank you Randy Morningstar, Mike Ottenbreiat and Gordon Watt, and George Paterson, the Unit Piper.
The Memorial Wall in the John Thompson Room, has been a topic of discussion. A decision has been made. Any future pictures, Historical pictures or plaques of any form will not exceed 2x2.5 feet including frame and with no individual pictures. This came in to effect April 18, 2022 which was approved by the Executive. This will not effect any picture placed on the wall prior this date. All items must have prior approval from the Executive before being hung. At this time I am in discussions with RCMP and Aboriginal Veteran Association to hang their representation on the wall. Youth Sports League will be restarting September 2022, please watch for posters, ages 13-17 yrs of age The Youth will learn Darts, Shuffle board and Snooker. I am looking for volunteers to teach the young people YOUR SKILLS. Fund Raising is done to pay for their expenses. We will also be looking at starting a Young Woman’s Snooker League ages 18-35 years of age and will be held one evening a week. I will be doing a fund raiser for the first year’s ANAVETS283 membership for the Young women. Most will be University student and unable to afford it at this time. Other ideas are being looked at this time. This is a great opportunity to open our doors to the younger generation and get them interested in coming to a safe, clean environment. I am also looking for female and male volunteers to teach snooker. This will start is September 2022. Watch for the posters. I would like to remind everyone the Youth/Young Adults are our future and you have have things to teach them.
With Remembrance Day only a few months away we would like to get you started thinking about those who lost their lives to keep YOU FREE. The ‘Canadian Virtual War Memorials’ is site I am asking members, who lost family members during the Wars, to view the site and find a family member who died overseas, British Allied forces, as well, are welcome to post a memorial. On this site you will find a digital Collection of Veteran Memorials. Print it off and bring it in to me and I will post these on the foyer wall, Veterans side. I believe Remembrance is not a ‘ONE’ day event but a life time of Remembering. This is a wonderful site to view and shocking as well. On Remembrance Day they will either be on a table for open display or binder. All suggestions are all welcome for display.

Health & Welfare - Donna Hartie

Gord Crigger

   Gordon Kalian


Donna Megarry

Steven Lewco

NOTE: If anyone knows a Member in Hospital,Please let me know. Thank you Donna Hartie