Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

SERVICE OFFICER/MORALE OFFICER                    Donna Hartie


ANAVET Unit 283 Youth Sports League and the Peace Keepers will be running the meat draw on the fifth Saturday of the month during 2020. This will happen four times this year: February 29, May 30, July 31 and October 30. We hope to see you there and look forward to your support.

ANAVETS Unit 283 Youth Sports League have future practise dates as follows: Feb. 22; March 14; April 11 & 25 and a Triathlon to follow. The season will end with a banquet which includes a BBQ and family fun day of games. There is no charge for the Youth and a $10.00 charge for others who attend. Funds collected will pay for the food and the remainder will go into Youth account.

An important note about the Youth. They have learned to be respectful to the equipment and the Unit. We re-view the rules several times throughout the year. They enjoy practising and communicating with the volun-teers. New volunteers have stepped forward to assist. There are six Youth and 10 volunteers with some alter-nating each practice.

Youth League will continue for the 20/21 season. Please pass the word around that youth, 13-17 yrs. of age are welcome to join. Parents do not need to be members to participate.

A cadet Youth group will be here taking advantage of Unit sport equipment. I will be present to promote our Youth League and perhaps competitions will be held in the future.


On behalf of the Unit 283, we thank every one for their help with the Celebration of Life for our fallen com-rade Mr. Gordon E. Kent. It is true comradery when people step up and help out whenever require. This is what is great about our Unit 283.

Health & Welfare - Donna Hartie
Thomas Bud Cassey
Tom O'Mally

Gord Crigger

   Gordon Kalian

Terry Abrahamson

Gordon Kilian

Birchwood Terrace-Kenora,Ont
Jim Cox (Rm. #210)

Keith Bratley
Joe Everton
Larry Lenchuk

NOTE: If anyone knows a Member in Hospital,Please let me know. Thank you Donna Hartie