Welcome to Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Winnipeg
Canadas oldest Veterans Organization
Established in 1840

SERVICE  /MORALE OFFICER                    Donna Hartie

As a Service Officer, part of my job is to participate in the many summer Memorial Services, held around the city.
 A} We, Sargent at Arms Randy Morningstar, Service Officer Donna Hartie and Gordon Watt attended the Winnipeg Royal Rifles on June 12, 2022. We have been invited to attend their 80th Anniversary June 4,2024 at which time we will carry Colours and lay a wreath.
 B} We were invited to the Portuguese Veteran Memorial Service on June 11,2022 at which time we laid a wreath and according to our Sargent at Arms we will plan to present flags and lay a wreath at next years Memorial Anniversary. ANAVETS283 Sargent at Arms Randy Morningstar, Service Officer Donna Hartie and Gordon Watt were present. A special request for a Navy Man to escort a Merchant Marine to Lay a wreath; our Maintenance man, Rick Jones, a Navy man, was honoured to offer his services. We stood alongside The Peace Keepers, Hong Kong Vets, Vietnam Vets, and Legion 100. Our next parade will be with the Hong Kong Veteran Memorial Service on August 13,2022 at Brook Side Cemetery (more information to follow). As a Unit, we try to support all the smaller Veteran Units with their Memorials. We need to show our support and assist wherever needed, ‘SHOULDER TO SHOULDER. This is one of the most rewarding jobs on the Executive. I work with veterans, veteran organizations, and fellow comrades. I hear their stories and offer an ear and listen tentatively. We are to let people know that ANAVETS283 is for here for them, if needed. If anyone would like to participate in any service let me know and I will fill you in.
Youth Sports League will begin September 24,2022 from 6-8:00pm. FREE ages 13-17 years; every 2nd Saturday. Escort is a must, by Law, and required to stay for the 2 hours. Games room is closed and for Youth ONLY. Volunteers are required. Shuffleboard, Snooker and Darts. A great opportunity to teach our Youth new games and for the Youth to learn what ANAVETS represent. Watch for more details on a poster. If interested in participating in any way, please leave your name at the Bar to my attention.
The Youth Sports group had a wind up on Saturday, June 25 in the Sports room. Volunteers who supported this group, were invited to attend. Past President Len Cook, Linda O’Brien, Gord Watt, parents and Youth, fun and food night. This is the 2019-2020 group. Great beginning to a new future.
The Young Ladies Snooker League starts in September 2022; 18-30 years of age, Tuesday evenings on table 4. Come on out and try snooker during the summer and we hope to see you join up in September 2022. If interested, please contact me for more information or if you have suggestions. The Bar has my phone number. More information will be posted. All who are playing snooker and over 18 yrs of age must have membership to play in a league. Watch for a poster. This Unit is for all ages and with out them we will not survive; your POSITIVE support is need. NO NEGATIVE ENERGIES or NEGATIVE COMMENTS, PLEASE. I have recently been asked if there is going to be a Young Men’s League. I was told NO because the old timers do not want to make room and against progress and growth of UNIT 283.
These two groups IS the beginning of our future. If we want to see ANVETS283 to stay and grow, this the way to go and your support is needed. The Young Ladies that will be playing are mostly University students, not a lot of money, if a member would like to help pay for a year membership for a young woman, I will accept your help on behalf of a Young Ladies Snooker League, just let me know and we can arrange for you to do so through the bar. Thank you.
You may not see me around Unit very often this summer, however, if you require my assistance I can be reached by phone and the Bar staff will give it to you, if required. I can meet with anyone who requires a Service Officer; Celebration of Life, mental health assistance, or to have chat about something you need help with. We have wheelchairs, walkers, a bath tub swivel chair and Cains, if there is anything you need please call me and we can find something that can help. The bar staff will give my phone number, is needed.
The Sargent at Arms is on holidays until the end of July.
 I am looking for someone to assist in making specialty posters, if you can offer your services, please let me know.
Stay safe and have a great summer

Health & Welfare - Donna Hartie

Gord Crigger

   Gordon Kalian


Donna Megarry


NOTE: If anyone knows a Member in Hospital,Please let me know. Thank you Donna Hartie